The Brain and Language Lab functions as a highly collaborative group of individuals from Georgetown and other institutions in the US and other countries. To see who is currently part of our group, see below: 
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Lab Director

Michael Ullman

Director, Brain and Language Lab
Director, Georgetown EEG/ERP Laboratory

Primary: Neuroscience
Secondary: Linguistics, Psychology, Neurology
Campus Address: Building D, Room 237B
Mailing Address:
Department of Neuroscience,
Georgetown University, Box 571464,
Washington, DC 20057-1464
Tel: (202) 687-6064
Fax: (202) 687-6914
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Jarrad Lum (Deakin University, Melbourne; School of Psychology)

Ingrid Finger (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre; Instituto de Letras, Department of Modern Languages)

Bert De Smedt (University of Leuven)

Aaron Newman (Dalhousie University, Halifax; Department of Psychology and Neuroscience)

Jana Reifegerste (University of Muenster, Muenster, Germany)
João Veríssimo (University of Potsdam, Potsdam; Potsdam Research Institute for Multilingualism)

Karolina Janacsek (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest; Institute of Psychology)
Agnes Lukacs (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest; Department of Cognitive Science)
Deszo Nemeth (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest; Institute of Psychology, Memory and Language Lab)

Esther Adi-Japha (Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv; School of Education, Child Development Program)
Tali Bitan (University of Haifa, Haifa; Department of Communication Disorders)
Yuval Shilon (Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot) 

Martina Hedenius (Uppsala University, Uppsala; Department of Neuroscience)
Mikael Heimann (Linköping University, Linköping; Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning)

Gulcan Ercetin (Bogazici University, Istanbul; Foreign Language Education Department)

United Kingdom:
Katie Alcock (Lancaster University, Lancaster; Department of Psychology, Centre for Research in Human Development and Learning)
Gina Conti-Ramsden (University of Manchester, Manchester; Developmental Psychopathology Group within the Neuroscience Research Institute)
Christina Dye (Newcastle University, Newcastle; Language Development/Psycholinguistics)
Christos Pliatsikas (University of Reading, Reading; Department of Psychology)
Ádám Takács (University of Glasgow; Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology)

United States:
Rachel Barr (Georgetown University; Department of Psychology)
Harriet Bowden (University of Tennessee; Spanish Department)
Laurie Cutting (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center; Education and Brain Sciences Research Lab)
John Drury (Stony Brook University; Department of Linguistics)
Sayako Earle (University of Delaware; Communication Sciences & Disorders)
Tanya Evans (University of Virginia; Curry School of Education)
Dana Glei (Georgetown University; Center for Population and Health)
Noreen Goldman (Princeton University; Woodrow Wilson School, Demography and Public Affairs)
Sarah Grey (Fordham University, Spanish and Portuguese)
Phillip Hamrick (Kent State University; Department of English, Language and Cognition Research Laboratory)
Xiong Jiang (Georgetown University; Department of Neuroscience)
Karim Joharikhatonabad (University of South Carolina; Arnold School of Public Health)
Jarrett Lovelett (UC San Diego; Department of Psychology)
Ian Lyons (Georgetown University; Psychology Department)
Kara Morgan-Short (University of Illinois at Chicago; Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, Cognition and Second Language Acquisition Laboratory)
Stewart Mostofsky (Kennedy Krieger Institute; Laboratory for Neurocognitive and Imaging Research)
Luke Plonsky (Georgetown University; Department of Linguistics)
Elizabeth Prado (University of California Davis; Department of Nutrition, Program in International and Community Nutrition)
Mariel Pullman (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York)
Cristina Sanz (Georgetown University; Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Center for the Brain Basis of Cognition)
Kathryn Schuler (University of Pennsylvania; Department of Linguistics)
Anuraj Shankar (Harvard School of Public Health; Department of Nutrition)
Kyle Shattuck (Georgetown University; Department of Neuroscience)
Kaitlyn Tagarelli (Postdoctoral Research Consultant, Brain and Language Lab) 
Bruce Tomblin (University of Iowa; Communication Sciences and Disorders)
Peter Turkeltaub (Georgetown University Medical Center; Department of Neurology) 
John VanMeter (Georgetown University Medical Center; Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging)
Matthew Walenski (Northwestern University; School of Communication, Aphasia and Neurolinguistics Research Laboratory)
Maxine Weinstein (Georgetown University; Center for Population and Health)



Jana Reifegerste

Jana's main research focus lies in aging and the effects of age-related cognitive changes on language processing. She is particularly interested in the role of memory and how different developmental trajectories for different memory systems may (or may not) explain the lifespan development of different language abilities, such as lexical and grammatical processing. 

To this end, she studies behavioral and brain data from a broad range of healthy monolingual and bilingual participants as well as people with neurodegenerative diseases.


Kaitlyn Tagarelli

Kaitlyn Tagarelli earned her Ph.D. (2014) in Applied Linguistics from Georgetown University, where she focused her research (mentored by Dr. Ullman) on the neurocognition of second language learning. She completed postdoctoral training with Dr. Aaron Newman in Psychology & Neuroscience at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. Her postdoc was funded by a research-industry partnership (Mitacs) between Dr. Newman’s NeuroCognitive Imaging Lab (NCIL) and animation studio Copernicus Studios, Inc., aimed at designing evidence-based language learning apps for children and adults. This work complemented her research in the NCIL on language learning and processing, mainly using ERPs.

She is currently a Research Scholar in the Brain and Language Lab, funded by a National Science Foundation Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences Grant grant that was based largely on findings from her dissertation project. She also teaches courses in the Psychology Department at SUNY New Paltz. 


Masters Students

Blaine Coyle

Blaine Coyle

School: Georgetown University Biomedical Graduate School
Degree: Masters in Integrative Neuroscience
Interests: Blaine’s previous research experience has focused on auditory processing of semantic and syntactic speech, and she is excited to transition to a more cognitive perspective on language as it is explored in the Brain and Language Lab. She is interested in how neuroscience is applied in non-traditional sectors and hopes to go on to research cognition in different artistic domains such as music and the performing arts.

Undergraduate Assistants

Laura Bomeny

Laura Bomeny

School: Georgetown College, 2020
Major: Linguistics, Pre-Medical Track
Interests: Laura is extremely interested in second language acquisition and the biological side of linguistic studies. She wishes to combine her linguistic and scientific interests in the future.

Lauren Russell

School: Georgetown College, 2022 Major: Mathematics, Pre-Medical Track Minor: Spanish Interests: Lauren is passionate about the study of neuroscience and language. She enjoys learning about dialectology and language acquisition, primarily with respect to the Spanish language. She is also extremely interested in the relationship between cognitive development and aging, specifically focused on those who suffer from cognitive deficits, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

School: Georgetown College, 2022
Major: Mathematics, Pre-Medical Track
Minor: Spanish
Interests: Lauren is passionate about the study of neuroscience and language. She enjoys learning about dialectology and language acquisition, primarily with respect to the Spanish language. She is also extremely interested in the relationship between cognitive development and aging, specifically focused on those who suffer from cognitive deficits, such as Alzheimer’s disease. 

Andrew tiu

Andrew Tiu

School: Georgetown School of Nursing and Health Studies, 2021
Major: Human Science, Pre-Medical Track
Intended Minor: Mathematics or Statistics
Interests: Andrew loves science and mathematics and is interested in the applications of mathematics in the medical field and life sciences. He is especially curious about the human brain and how it carries out higher cognitive functions. 

alumnae and Alumni

Research Assistants/Lab Managers 
Laura Babcock 
Jocelyn Curchack 
Matthew Gelfand 
Joshua Hartshorne 
Courtney Horwitz 
Kaitlyn Litcofsky
Jarrett Lovelett 
Christopher Maloof 
Goldie Ann McQuaid 
Matthew Moffa 
Kaori Ozawa 
Marco Pineyro 
Elizabeth Prado 
Mariel Pullman 
John Stowe 
Andrea Tomann 
Eiling Yee 

Post-doctoral fellows
John Drury 
Cristina Dye 
Robbin Miranda
Oya Ozemir 
Roumyana Pancheva 
Karsten Steinhauer 
Antoine Tremblay 
Matthew Walenski 

Visiting Scholars 
Ingrid Finger 
Mailce Mota 
Dezso Nemeth 

PhD Students 
Harriet Bowden 
Claudia Brovetto 
Helen Carpenter 
Ivy Estabrooke 
Sarah Grey 
Martina Hedenius 
Robbin Miranda 
Kara Morgan-Short 
Aaron Newman 
Kaitlyn Tagarelli

PhD Student Research Rotations 
Adam Caccavano
Stephanie Davis
Scott Miles 
Sheeva Azma
Evan Gordon
Pavel Ortinski 
Jill Weisberg
Robbin Wood 
Ivy Estabrooke

Visiting Graduate Students 
Martina Hedenius 
Signe Schneider 

Masters and Medical Students 
Kaley Alberty
Laura Babcock
Elizabeth Prado
Rachel Usala

Undergraduate Students 
Annie Brown 
Rachael Campbell 
Stephen Cohen 
Jocelyn Curchack 
Roland Dimaya 
Matthew Gelfand 
Selin Gulgoz 
Joshua Hartshorne 
Matt Huszagh 
Margot Kabalkin 
Sarah Lee 
Stephanie Lukas 
Kirk McMurray 
Neil Menon 
Elizabeth Pierpont
Elizabeth Prado 
Mariel Pullman 
Christopher Reid 
Stephen Serene 
Brittany Sonnichsen 
Michelle Travers 

Associated Researchers 
Claudia Bonin 
Shira Fischer 
Dominik Rus 
Stephen Wright 



Undergraduate Assistants
Kaley Alberty 
Sia Anagnostou 
Marco Asencao 
Jeanine Baqai 
Jordan Braunfeld 
Keith Catlin 
Christina Cardone 
Catherine Cauthen 
Arash Chehrazi 
Melissa Chen 
Sz-Min Chen 
Carrie Chomuik 
Kateryna Christian 
Galen Clayton 
Ryan Coyle 
Dimana Dimitrova 
Timothy Dougherty 
Stefan Gavrilovski 
Heidi Getz 
Robin Go 
Abagail Hamilton 
Kevin Hartnett 
Kristen Hartnett 
Jinah Haytko 
Katrina Hernandez 
Jayne Jang 
Charlie Kovach 
Catherine Kulick 
Angela Lewis 
Emily Liner 
Josh Loewenstern 
Stephanie Lukas 
Karen Luo 
Kelly Magee 
Zein Malas 
Maureen McCusker 
Elliott McLean 
Bryan Mendiola 
Liza Mermelstein 
Annette Min
Jennifer Moore 
Kathleen Morrell 
Brendan O'Farrell 
Jonathan Picos
Briele Reynolds 
Mystelle Ruble 
Kathryn Ryan 
Sepideh Soheilian 
Brittany Sonnichsen 
Dina Spagnolo 
Robin Speiser 
Jessica Stevens 
Alison Thoner 
Gretta Thorn 
Shannon Nikki Vann 
Emily Wang 
Lily Wanner 
Sahil Warsi 
Lana Worobec 

Past Collaborators 
Paul Aisen
David Birdsong
Claudia Brovetto
Stefano Cappa
Suzanne Corkin
Stefan Debener
Nina Dronkers
Tom Eichele
Miho Fujiwara
Jenny Ganger 
Harold Goodglass
Myrna Gopnik
John Growdon
Joshua Hartshorne
Greg Hickok
Darlene Howard
James Howard
Elizabeth Kensinger
Walter Koroshetz
Tracy Love
Pauline Maki
Gary Marcus
Roumyana Pancheva
Steven Pinker
Paul Portner
Jeremy Schmahmann
Valerie Shafer
David Swinney
Helen Tager-Flusberg
Heather van der Lely