Brain and Language Lab

Meta-analyses and Comprehensive Reviews

In order to capture reliable patterns of findings we are turning more and more to meta-analyses, quantitative syntheses, and comprehensive or systematic reviews. These cover a variety of topics (e.g., language, memory, and disorders) and both behavioral and neuroanatomical findings. For example, we have published meta-analyses of procedural memory deficits as examined in the serial reaction time (SRT) task in dyslexia (Lum et al., 2013), Developmental Language Disorder/Specific Language Impairment (Lum et al., 2014), and Parkinson's disease (Clark et al., 2014) and meta-analyses of studies testing correlations between learning in declarative or procedural memory and first or second language abilities (Hamrick et al., 2018). Our neuroanatomical meta-analyses have thus far examined language learning (Tagarelli et al., 2019) and sequence learning in procedural memory (Janacsek et al., 2020). Finally a new comprehensive review reveals that subcortical structures throughout the brain underlie multiple aspects of both lower and higher cognition (Janacsek et al., 2022).


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